Thursday, July 16, 2009

7 Tips to earn with your Blog

1. Be Informative
Make sure you post separate materials that are useful and rap be stabilize to use instanter by your readers. People are always looking for solutions to their problems and if you can give them the belief they are looking for, they consign act for pack for more!
2. supplementary Content
Don´t go for the PLR packs and post them without making changes. They are posted uncut over the mesh and people might nave pragmatic those identical articles and would lose respect for you. It simple shows that you are too lazy to adapt them before you present it your visitors.
3. Unique iformation pipeline
Make your information unique and cannot be found elsewhere specially on blogs fit to your
niche. It´s important that you present your visitors unique and relevant content and that you
came up with the idea yourself or to develop an existing Idea. If you cannot execute this, you will lose the visitors.
4. Create a sentiment
Try to create a promotion or sensation on your web corresponding as a USD1000 contribution for the one thousandth visitor, or a local link to a download through the hundredth visitor, for example. Alternatively you can
set up contests and agents on your blog that your visitors can participate in and they will come back again to see the results. (You need an icon for your company, make a contest, you need some musik for a presentation...)
5. Subscriber Rewards
Give instanter frequent gifts also downloads for your genial subscribers. This is one way to complete them to join in the subscribers record. The more useful the encircle of subscribers you swear by the more success you incumbency expect from your blogging work.
6. Visit Other Blogs
Go out also odyssey incommensurable blogs command your niche. Try to pillar friendly comments and invite the blogger and the visitors of those blogs to visit yours. If you can post enticing informative and kindly posts you can attract some of their visitors to come visit yours.
7. Humor Nothing beats a humorous post that can gauge a applicable monkeyshine from the visitors. When they feel opportune chances are they commit return to your abode and you get a loyal visitor. Be confident not to extras storming jokes though also always since being the safer side when you are unsure, you don´t wanting to antagonize anyone in the virtual world and realize up making enemies.

These are seven tips you can sue to make your blogs popular. masterly are various other creative ways how you can achieve this but you charge occasion your route by successive these tips we share.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ways to Make Money Online by Blogging


Blog has been existed for a period of time and it is getting more and more used by people for personal and business purposes. So what is a blog? A blog or weblog is a website that you write stuff on an ongoing basis. Many People use blog as their personal online diary. You can post news, updates or opinions on a subject or topic on your blog. You can also write a series of tutorials to help and educate people if you are expert at something. There are no specified rules on what you should write on a blog. Below are some of the ways to make money by blogging:

Start Your Own Blog
You can have a blog absolutely free by joing Creating a blog with is fast and easy as you don’t need to know programming code. The most popular way bloggers make money with their blog is running an AdSense campaign to earn advertising revenue. To host Google Ads on your blog you first need to sign up for an AdSense account and you can get an AdSense account by following instructions in

Another ways to earn money is use your blog to promote affiliate products or your own products. If you are marketing affiliate product, you can write a review with your affiliate link to your merchant site or create a product recommendation list such as Top 5 Weight Loss Products, Top 3 Internet Marketing e-books and so on. If you are selling your own products using a blog, you can list out the benefits of your products and describe how your products are different from your competitors.

Post Blog Ads on Your Blog
There are several websites looking for bloggers post blog ad for cash. Here’s how it works. You first sign up with these websites and then you will receive a pre-written ad message to be posted on your blog or an instruction to write a blog ad related to your advertiser’s product on your blog. Once your blog ads have been reviewed and approved, you will be paid. You can find these opportunities from the below sites:

Contribute Content on Other People’s Blogs
In addition to making money with a free blog. You can also earn some extra money posting on other people’s blogs. When you join these blogs to write content and articles, your AdSense Ads will be displayed on all your blog posts and earn AdSense income. The more blog posts you make, the more people will read your content and thus the greater your earning will be.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ways to Make Money Online

Here's how you can make money online:

Make Money Online With A Free Blog
Blog or weblog is simply a website with continuous updates on a particular subject or topic and the latest post will stay on the top. For instance, If your blog is about motorcycle. You can post the latest news and announcements from motorcycle manufacturers, discuss about the latest models of motorcycles and the best components used for producing motorcycles. You can create a blog absolutely free by joing Creating a blog with is easy as you don't need any technical knowledge and you can have your blog published within an hours.

There are several ways you can make money with a blog:

Place revenue generating Ads on your blog
You can join Google AdSense program and start earning advertising revenue from your blog.

Sell Other People's Stuff
You can promote your affiliate programs by placing the affiliate links and banners on your blog and earn commission whenever someone clicks through an affiliate link or banner to your merchant's website made a purchase.

Sell Your Own Product
Blog can be used to promote and sell your own products too. You can write about your products' features and benefits on the blog.

Sell Products or Services Online
You can set up an online store to sell a wide variety of products. However, it will cost you few thousands dollars to start an e-store. One way to start an online business with minimum capital is deal with drop ship wholesalers. So how drop shipping works?

- A drop ship distributor is a wholesale company that will ship one product directly to your customer.
- You don't need to pay for an item unless it is sold.
- You don't store any inventory.
- You don't package and ship merchandise.
- Your customer pays the retail price for the product to you and you pay the cost of the product to the drop ship distributor. The difference is your profit.

Drop shipping system makes it affordable for anyone to start an online business due to the benefits it offers. EBay is the best place for you to start selling your products with drop shipping system. One strategy you can try is sell the similar items to the one that have attracted several bids in eBay. For instance, say you have opened an account with a cell phone drop ship dealer and ready to sell cell phone on eBay. You found that a Nokia 8810 cell phone have attracted 7 bids, so what you can try to do is list the similar item immediately with lowest price possible. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will make any money with this strategy. There are many more auction selling ideas you can find from the Internet which can help you make a steady income on eBay.

Be a Freelancer
There are many freelance job sites consist of a long list of freelance job contracts. These freelance sites usually offer the following jobs:

1) IT jobs (web-design, Jawa, PHP, script-installation, programming, graphic design and so on)
2) Writing & Editing Jobs
3) Administrative support (Data entry) & accounting services.

You may join several freelance sites for free and start bidding for the projects and contracts that are right for you. You can also make extra money writing articles and essays. There are places and websites where you can sell your articles and essays for a price anywhere between $5 to 25 per article. Furthermore, there are forums and blogs offer to pay anyone who post message and article to their websites.

Be an Affiliate
Affiliate makes money online by selling other people's stuff. An affiliate earns commission whenever someone sent by him/her to his/her merchant's website makes a purchase. Clickbank is one of the best places you can find an affiliate program to join because it is the largest e-book store and contains a ton of merchants looking for people to sell their e-books. The main task of affiliates is promote and advertise their merchants' websites (affiliate links). One method to promote affiliate program is advertise on Google. To advertise on Google you'll first need to open a Google AdWords account. You can start advertise on Google immediately after paying $5 account activation fee. Your cost of advertising is calculated in pay-per-click (PPC) basis. This means that Google will only charge you whenever someone clicks your text ad.

Paid Survey
Taking online paid survey at home is an easy way to make money online as you don't need any special skills and knowledge to complete paid survey job. In order to increase the money you can earn, you need to join as many market research and survey companies as possible. However you can't expect how much money you will make monthly because you have no idea when a paid survey invitation will send to your mail box. Thus it is not an ideal way to make a wage but a great way to make some extra income for paying your monthly bills.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Journey Blogs

This is me......

About Me:

My Name: Arnold G. Mier

Status: Married

Gender: Male

Res. Address: Blk 8 Lot 5 Villa Elena Mohon I, Tisa, Cebu City

Spouse Name: Rovelyn P. Mier

My daugther's name: Maybelle P. Mier

Educational Background:

College: University of Cebu, Attended 1995 - 1999, Class of 1999, Bachelor's Degree
Elementary: Tulic Elementary School, Argao, Cebu

Occupation: Private Employee

Company: Our Press, Inc.

Position: Graphic Artist, Affiliate Online Marketers

Hobbies and Interests:
Hunting, Diving, To Live the Love of A Lifetime.

Favorite Books:

Business and Investing

Favorite Movies:

Action dealing with Martial Art(Idol Steven Seagal)
Pinoy Juaquin Bordado

Favorite Music:

Love Songs/Folk Songs of the 60's-70's

Favorite TV Shows: