Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ways to Make Money Online by Blogging


Blog has been existed for a period of time and it is getting more and more used by people for personal and business purposes. So what is a blog? A blog or weblog is a website that you write stuff on an ongoing basis. Many People use blog as their personal online diary. You can post news, updates or opinions on a subject or topic on your blog. You can also write a series of tutorials to help and educate people if you are expert at something. There are no specified rules on what you should write on a blog. Below are some of the ways to make money by blogging:

Start Your Own Blog
You can have a blog absolutely free by joing Creating a blog with is fast and easy as you don’t need to know programming code. The most popular way bloggers make money with their blog is running an AdSense campaign to earn advertising revenue. To host Google Ads on your blog you first need to sign up for an AdSense account and you can get an AdSense account by following instructions in

Another ways to earn money is use your blog to promote affiliate products or your own products. If you are marketing affiliate product, you can write a review with your affiliate link to your merchant site or create a product recommendation list such as Top 5 Weight Loss Products, Top 3 Internet Marketing e-books and so on. If you are selling your own products using a blog, you can list out the benefits of your products and describe how your products are different from your competitors.

Post Blog Ads on Your Blog
There are several websites looking for bloggers post blog ad for cash. Here’s how it works. You first sign up with these websites and then you will receive a pre-written ad message to be posted on your blog or an instruction to write a blog ad related to your advertiser’s product on your blog. Once your blog ads have been reviewed and approved, you will be paid. You can find these opportunities from the below sites:

Contribute Content on Other People’s Blogs
In addition to making money with a free blog. You can also earn some extra money posting on other people’s blogs. When you join these blogs to write content and articles, your AdSense Ads will be displayed on all your blog posts and earn AdSense income. The more blog posts you make, the more people will read your content and thus the greater your earning will be.

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